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2nd GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Workshop
GEOSS: Supporting Science for the Millennium Development Goals and Beyond
Bonn, Germany, August 28—31, 2012


Note: All plenary presentations were video-taped and these videos will be made available through the workshop web page.

Program Overview: During the first day, the opening session set the stage for the workshop, and in a plenary session the MDGs were introduced together with the urgent science questions related to the MDGs and global sustainability. During the morning of the second day, two plenary sessions reviewed ongoing research related to the MDGs, the grand challenges, and the Future Earth initiative, and considered to what extent Earth observation provide support for the research needed to reach these goals. The two plenary sessions during the afternoon focused on GEO and GEOSS by considering the alignment of the GEOSS Strategic Targets with the MDGs and global sustainability research, and by demonstrating how GEOSS supports research for the MDGs and the Future Earth Initiative. On the third day, breakout sessions developed actions towards reaching the MDGs and addressing the grand challenges now and post-2015 in four broad areas: environmental sustainability and poverty, biodiversity, food and water security, and health. A fifth breakout session addressed issues related to the science-policy and science-public interfaces. The remaining plenary sessions of the third day reviewed the outcome of the breakout sessions, and developed a draft workshop statement. Finally, on Friday morning, two sessions developed drafts for an action plan for the next three years and a draft paper providing input for the Post-2015 GEO discussion.

Print version of the program: html, pdf.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

0800 - 1400:Registration
1400 - 1545:Opening Session (Conveners: Michael Nyenhuis, Hans-Peter Plag)
1400 - 1405Hans-Peter Plag: Welcome (video)
1400 - 1410Michael Nyenhuis: Welcome and Opening Remarks (video)
1410 - 1425Armin B. Cremers, Deputy Rector of the University of Bonn: Welcome Note by University of Bonn (video)
1425 - 1435Paul Becker, Vice President DWD: Welcome Note on Behalf of German GEO (video, pdf)
1435 - 1450Barbara Ryan, Director, GEO Secretariat: Welcome Note on Behalf of GEO (video, ppt)
1450 - 1500Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC Secretariat: Welcome Note on Behalf of UNFCC (video, avi)
1500 - 1545James P.M. Syvitski: Keynote: Observing the Anthropocene - The Geology of Humanity (video, pptx, abstract, biography)
1545 - 1615:Coffee Break
1615 - 1630Michael Nyenhuis, Hans-Peter Plag: GEOSS Science and Stakeholder Network and Workshop Goals (video, ppt)
1630 - 1800:P1: Science of the MDGs and Global Sustainability: Identifying Future Goals, Targets and Indicators (Conveners: Anantha Duraiappah, Rick Lawford)
1630-1640Anantha Duraiappah: Science of the MDGs and Global Sustainability: Identifying Future Goals, Targets and Indicators (video, ppt)
1640-1650Rick Lawford: Earth Observations and Sustainable Development Goals (video, pptx)
1650-1700Heidi Wittmer: Science of the MDGs and Global Sustainability: Identifying Future Goals, Targets and Indicators (video, ppt)
1700-1710Wolfgang Cramer: Observations, Sustainable Development and the Millennium Development Goals (video, pdf)
1710-1740All: Discussion (video)
1740-1800Conveners: Key lessons learnt

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

0830 - 0900:Coffee
0900 - 1045:P2: Research for MDGs and future earth sustainability(Conveners: Steven Wilson, Heide Hackmann)
0900-0920Steven Wilson: The Future Earth Initiative (video, pptx)
0920-0940Wolfgang Cramer: Research on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (video, pdf)
0940-1000Sybil Seitzinger: International integrated geosphere-biosphere research programs (video, pptx)
1000-1020Ghassem Arar: International climate research programs (video, ppt)
1020-1040Juan-Carlos Villagran: International disaster research programmes: from knowledge to resilience (video, ppt, abstract, biography)
1045 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115 - 1300:P3: Earth Observations in Support of Research for the MDGs and Global Sustainability (Introductiory slides; Conveners: Ghassem Asrar, Carol B. Meyer, Sybil P. Seitzinger)
1115-1135Peter Verburg: Role of observing human-land cover interactions to monitor and model impacts on ecosystem service and human well-being (video, pptx, biography)
1135-1155Charles Huchinson: Earth observation and information technologies for eradicating hunger (video, pptx, biography)
1155-1215Vivian Lutz: Phytoplankton & Society: Applications of Satellite Ocean Color (video, ppt, biography)
1215-1300All: Discussion (video)
1300 - 1400:Lunch
1400 - 1545:P4: GEOSS Strategic Targets and Their Alignment to MDGs and Global Sustainability Research (Conveners: Greg Withee, Douglas Cripe)
1400-1420Greg Withee: GEOSS Strategic Targets: Guiding principles and motivation (video, ppt)
1420-1440Alan Edwards: Feedback on Use of the Strategic Targets by the Implementation Boards (video, pptx)
1440-1450Douglas Cripe: Use of the Strategic Targets for Work Plan Development (video, ppt)
1450-1510Gary Foley: The Use of the Targets by the Institutions & Development Implementation Board in Monitoring the Work Plan Implementation (video, pptx)
1510-1530Lars Ingolf Eide: Monitoring GEO's success against the Strategic Targets and meeting the Targets with a bottom-up approach to the GEO Work Plan (video, pptx)
1530-1600Barbara Ryan: Alignment of the GEOSS Strategic Targets to MGDs and global sustainability research needs (video, pptx)
1530-1545All: Discussion (video)
1545 - 1615:Coffee Break
1615 - 1815:P5: GEOSS' support for MDGs and Future Earth Research (Conveners: Douglas Cripe, Georgios Sarantakos)
1615-1635Kym Watson: EO2HEAVEN contribution to Health (video, ppt)
1635-1655Peter Baumann: The EarthServer initiative: towards Agile Big Data Services (video, ppt, abstract, biography)
1655-1715Mick Wilson: GEOSS/UNEP-Live collaboration (video, ppt)
1715-1735Douglas Cripe: GEOSS-IPCC recommendations (ppt)
1735-1755Steffen Fritz: The role of Earth Observation in agriculture to support Food Security and the MDG (video, pptx)
1755-1815Anne Larigauderie: GEO BON: Addressing the observation needs of the UN Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 (video, ppt)
1815-1845All: Discussion (video)
1900 - 2100:Hosted Group Dinner

Thursday, August 30, 2012

0830 - 0900:Coffee
0900 - 1045:(Plenary room) B1: Environmental Sustainability and Poverty (Convener: James Syvitski)
0900-0920Anantha Duraiappah: Human Development programs (video, ppt)
0920-0940Alex de Sherbinin: Spatial Poverty Assessments (video, ppt)
0940-1000Fabrice Renaud: Ecosystems, their Services and Disaster Risk Reduction — Examples from Coastal Areas (video, ppt, abstract, biography)
1000-1045All: Discussion (video)
0900 - 1045:(Seminar room VII) B2: Biodiversity (Conveners: Anne Larigauderie, Rob Jongman, Gary Geller)
0900-0920Anne Larigauderie: Building a global observing system for biodiversity: the GEO BON Initiative (ppt)
0920-0940Rob Jongman: Essential Biodiversity Variables: towards an agreement on a common approach for biodiversity (pptx)
0940-1000Wolfgang Cramer: A blueprint for a global operational ecosystem services observation system, based on data and models.
1000-1045All: Discussion.
1045 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115 - 1300:(Plenary room) B4: Food and Water Security (Conveners: Gordon Young, Anik Bhaduri)
1115-1130Gordon Young: Overview of water security challenges (video, pptx, biography)
1130-1145Anik Bhaduri: Overview of food security challenges (video, pptx, biography)
1145-1205Rick Lawford: Water security (video, pptx, biography)
1205-1225Jens Liebe: Food security (video, pptx, abstract, biography)
1225-1300All: Discussion: How can the Earth science community help solving water and food security issues? (video)
1115 - 1300:(Seminar room VII) B5: Health (Conveners: Gary Foley, Joerg Szarzinski)
1115-1120Gary Foley, Joerg Szarzynski: Introduction (ppt)
1115-1135Gary Foley: GEO Health (pptx)
1135-1155Detlef Böcking: Supporting Health Research Networks in Subsaharan Africa. An initiative of the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (ppt)
1155-1215Peter Heudtlass: Mapping vulnerability - MDGs and Earth observation in disaster epidemiology (pptx)
1215-1235Rupert Gerzer: Telemedicine for remote areas and in emergeny situations (potx)
1235-1300All: Discussion: How can the Earth observation improve health services?
1115 - 1300:(Seminar room IX) B6: Science-Policy-Interface (Conveners: Peter Haugan, Kathleen Fontaine, Hans-Peter Plag)
1115-1120Conveners: Introduction: Challenges, Objectives, Goals
1120-1130Peter Haugan: From observing system evidence to policy: Why the linear model of science does not work for complex issues like climate change (pptx)
1130-1150Ghassem Asrar: Use of data in public services
1150-1205Imraan Saloojee: Meeting Global Challenges through Better Governance: International co-operation in science, technology, and innovation (pptx)
1205-1220Paolo Mazzetti: The Model Web approach: a push-pull component for the science-policy interface? (pptx)
1220-1250All: Discussion of the core questions
1250-1300Conveners: Session summary
1300 - 1400:Lunch
1400 - 1545:P6: Synthesis of the Breakout Sessions (Conveners: Stuart Marsh, Hans-Peter Plag)
1400-1410Michael Nyenhuis: B1: Environmental sustainability and poverty (video, ppt)
1410-1420Rob Jongman: B2: Biodiversity (video, pptx)
1420-1430Alisher Mirzabaev: B4: Food and water security (video, ppt, biography)
1430-1440Gary Foley and Jörg Szarzinski: B5: Health (video, ppt)
1440-1450Peter Haugan: B6: Science-policy interface (video, pptx)
1450-1530All: Discussion (video)
1530-1545Stuart Marsh: Summary of conclusions, recommendations, and proposed actions (video, pptx)
1545 - 1615:Coffee Break
1615 - 1815:P7: The Way Forward (Conveners: Barbara Ryan, Kathleen Fontaine)
1615-1625Maria Uhle: Belmont Forum International Opportunities Fund: Helping to Catalyze International Collaboration for Global Change Research for Sustainability (video, pptx)
1625-1640Hans-Peter Plag: Draft "Bonn Statement" (video, doc)
1640-1750All: Discussion of Bonn Statement in three breakout groups (video)
1750-1800Stuart Marsh: Report from Group 1 (video, doc)
1750-1800Douglas Cripe: Report from Group 2 (video, doc)
1750-1800Greg Whithee: Report from Group 3 (video, doc)

Friday, August 31, 2012

0830 - 0900:Coffee
0900 - 1115:P8: Towards an Action Plan (Conveners: Paola Campus, Jay Pearlman)
0900-0915Jay Pearlman: Introduction (video, ppt, Draft Session Contents)
0915-0930Ellsworth LeDrew: Polar Data: Moving on from IPY (video, pptx)
0930-1000Panel (Sybil Seitzinger, Ellsworth LeDrew, Alan Edwards, Roberto Azzolini): Discussion: Serving global sustainability research: Actions for GEO (video)
1000-1115All: Discussion: Utilizing the societal benefits of GEOSS: Actions for the GEOSS S&T Stakeholder network (video, ppt)
1115 - 1140:Coffee Break
1140 - 1245:P9: Preparing Input for the Post-2015 Working Group (Conveners: Alan Edwards, Helmut Staudenrausch)
1140-1150Helmut Staudenrausch: Introduction to the Post-2015 GEO Process (video, ppt)
1250-1330Alan Edwards: Discussion of draft input document for the Post-2015 GEO Working Group (video, pptx, draft document)
1330 - 1345:Final Remarks and Workshop Closing (video)

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