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GEO Task ST-09-02: Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO

Extended Task Sheet: Status of Activities

Ongoing and completed Activities

A Task Team Kick-off meeting was held on July 27-28, 2009 at the ESA Facility ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. During this meeting, participants reported on their contributions to the Task activities, and all planned activities of the Task were reviewed and as far as possible initiated. The minutes of the Kick-off meeting are available at the "Meeting" page.

Since the Kick-off meeting, the task has followed up a number of the task activities, while some other were stalled for several reasons. The table below summarize the status and gives access to more detail reports were available.

The second meeting of the Task Team was held on September 30, 2010 in conjuction of the EGDIA Kick-Off meeting and the 15-th STC meeting in Rome. More information is available at the Meeting Page.

At the second meeting, it was decided that the Task Team will hold monthly telecons, with each of these telecons focusing on one or to selected activities. The first telecon took place on November 22, 2010. For further information on these monthly telecons, see the Meeting Page.

The Task Team maintains an updated list of the Action Items.

DescriptionBy Date
Activity 1 (Foster links with major scientific research enterprises in each SBA - contribution to Road Map Activity 2c "Build awareness of GEO and GEOSS in the different S&T communities, within the scope of GEOSS development.") This activity has been redefined in scope. The new scope is outlined in the document available as pdf. This document was produced with support by the EC-funded project EGIDA. On-going
Sub-Activity 1.1 (High-level list of major scientific professional organizations relevant to GEOSS): An initial list is included in the document revising the scope of Activity 1 available as pdf. In progress
Sub-Activity 1.2 (Develop a concept for co-operation with scientific organizations in terms of promoting the use of Earth observations and in particular the use of GEOSS): This activity is in progress. In progress
Sub-Activity 1.3 (Establish contacts to major scientific organizations in all SBAs and explore options for promotion of GEOSS and Earth observations in general with these organizations): This sub-activity will not start until Sub-Activities 1.1 and 1.2 are partly completed. Not started
Activity 2 (Encourage relevant scientists and technical experts to contribute to GEOSS) On-going
Sub-Activity 2.1 (Roadmap Activity 2a; a GEOSS citation standard): A draft GEOSS Citation Standard has been discussed at the 16th Meeting of the STC on April 14-15, 2011 in Sydney, Australia. The STC will handle the further discussion of the draft within GEO. The EC-funded EGIDA Project has contributed significantly to the development of the draft. The draft GEOSS Citation Standard is available as pdf. A Version 2.0 of the Citation Standard is under development. Read more .... See also here ... On-going
Sub-Activity 2.2 (Roadmap Activity 2b; establishing a “GEO label”): The STC Co-chairs have provided guidance for the GEO Label. Based on this guidance, the Task team is developing a more complete concept for the GEO label. The EC-funded EGIDA Project will also contribute to the GEO label development. Read more ... See also here ... On-going
Sub-Activity 2.3 (Roadmap Activity 2e; anhancing registration of relevant scientific data sets): No activity has been reported. Stalled
Activity 3 (Outreach to diverse scientific and technological communities) On-going
Sub-Activity 3.1 (Production of promotion material): The production of promotion material has been focused on the needs of the Exhibition at the Ministerial Summit on Earth Observation, November 1-5, 2010, Beijing, China. Read more ... On-going
Sub-Activity 3.2 (Slide library on how GEOSS works): This activity is currently stalled due to a veto from the Director of the GEO Secretariat. The Task Team has to reassess the situation. Read more ... Stalled.
Sub-Activity 3.3 (Roadmap Activity 2d; showing GEOSS at work: compelling examples): The GEOSS Portfolio for Science and Technology has been established with support by the U.S. EPA at http://www.geo-tasks.org/geoss_portfolio. The portfolio was presented at the Exhibition at the 2010 Ministerial Summit in Beijing, and it has been announced in a GEO Newsletter Article (see the article). A two-page summary of the status prepared for the Summit is available as pdf. A draft Process Paper has been prepared with support by the EC-funded EGIDA project. More compelling examples to extend the Portfolio can be submitted following the process outlined in the paper. Read more ... On-going
Activity 4 (Contact universities and research laboratories) On-going
Sub-Activity 4.1 (Disseminate information about GEOSS): No activity has been reported. Stalled
Sub-Activity 4.2 (Establish proactive collaboration between S&T activities at universities and labs): No activity has been reported so far. Stalled
Sub-Activity 4.3 (Transition from research to sustained operation): A proposal for the process to be used to identify candidates for a transition from research and time-limited operation to sustained operation is in preparation. A proposal for a first candidate (ARGO) has been submitted. On-going
Activity 5 (Presence of GEO at major symposia) On-going
Sub-Activity 5.1 (Identify major scientific conference and facilitate plenary presentations on GEO and GEOSS):
A list of major conferences and information on GEOSS-related events at the meetings has been started here. Read more ...
Sub-Activity 5.2 (Session on GEOSS-related topics at major scientific meetings): Dedicated GEO and GEOSS sessions are organized at many meetings with different conveners. At some meetings, the success in terms of participation is limited. At all meetings, it appears that the majority of the audience is in general already familiar with GEO and GEOSS. Read more ... On-going
Sub-Activity 5.3 (Organize/promote side events at major scientific meetings): Side events have been organized at a number of major international science conferences, both in form of co-located workshops and as Townhall meetings. Read more ... On-going
Sub-Activity 5.4 (High-level prospectus for a series of SBA-specific major conferences):
This issue was discussed informally at the IGOS-GEO Symposium in Washington. Subsequently, the GEO Secretariat started to organize a GEO Work Plan meeting, but it is not clear whether this meeting can replace GEO/STC conferences. Therefore, it has to be asked whether there still should be a GEO series of S&T Conferences?

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