Extended Task Sheet:

Individual contributions:

GEO Task ST-09-02

Members and POs' Contributions to Outputs and Activities:


Denmark is represented in the Task team by DMI. DMI's major contribution will be to promote GEO in oceanography field both in Europe and also worldwide, through our involvement in:

  1. EuroGOOS Board, and BOOS, NOOS steering groups
  2. GMES MCS project MyOcean Board and Danish GMES delegation
  3. GEO task leader of CB-09-03d 'Capacity building of operational oceanography', an operational oceanogrpahy network with partners from EU, USA, Asia, Afria and Latin America.
  4. GEO STC
  5. GEO/GMES related EU projects DevCoCast, EAMNET etc.EuroGEOSS will contribute to GEOawareness raising activities through its dedicated work package on dissemination.

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