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GEO Task ST-09-02: Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO

Extended Task Sheet: Capacity Building

Capacity Building Component
(capacity building is defined to include the development of capacity related to: (i) Infrastructure and technology transfer (Hardware, Software and other technology required to develop, access and use EO); (ii) Individuals (education and training of individuals to be aware of, access, use and develop EO) and (iii) Institutions – building policies, programs & organizational structures to enhance the value of EO data and products).

1) In accordance with the above definition does this Task have a capacity-building component? If so, please provide a short description of this component including a description of end users.

The task aims to reach out to and engage all relevant S&T communities including those in less developed regions. Therefore, the task will have to either develop specific capacity-building activities (not yet included in the planned activities) or promote these together with the CBC.

2) Have any additional CB needs for this Task been identified? Please provide a short description.

This task definitely has considerable CB needs in order to engage the S&T communities in a number of regions both as contributor, user and facilitater of uses of GEOSS. Particularly in developing countries, the local S&T communities will have a pivotal role in adapting GEOSS products and services for applications. For that, CB needs will be considerable.

Last edited 02 December 2016