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GEO Task ST-09-02: Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO

Extended Task Sheet:
Status of Activities

Activity 3.3

Sub-Activity 3.3 (Roadmap activity Showing GEOSS at work: compelling examples):

Templates and forms:

List of invited and submitted proposals and available examples:

The GEOSS Portfolio for Science and Technology

The GEOSS Portfolio for Science and Technology is available at http://www.geo-tasks.org/geoss_portfolio. The portfolio has been featured in a brief article in the January 2011 GEO Newsletter.

Examples selected for the Portfolio

List of Selected Compelling Examples as a Result of the ST-09-02 Review:

  • Water:

    Russel Lefevre: Pilot Projects for Improved Water Discovery and Quality Assessments (doc)

    Massimo Menenti: A prototype observation system for water resources in South-East Asia (doc)

  • Climate:

    Jun She: Capacity building of operational oceanography and climate adaptation (doc)

    Mitchell W. Moncrieff: Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) (doc)

  • Ecosystems:

    Vojko Bratina: enviroGRIDS Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development (doc)

  • Biodiversity:

    Bob Scholes: Protected Areas Monitoring Pilot (doc)

  • Agriculture:

    Luca Montanarella: The Harmonized World Soil Database (HWSD) as a first step towards a Global Soil Information System (doc)

    Steffen Fritz: Geo-wiki.org: Crowdsourcing to improve Landcover Validation (doc)

  • Health:

    Pai-Yei Whung: Using Earth Observations to Benefit Health (doc)

  • Cross-cutting:

    Maureen Pagnani: EuroSITES : European Observatory Network (doc).

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History and Overviews

Four proposals were submitted after the Kick-off meeting. In order to solicit more proposals, all authors of proposals for showcases for the Ministerial Summit were invited to submit proposals for compelling examples. The original showcase proposals are available at pages for the STC, UIC, and ADC. Moreover, several of the presenters at the Union Session on GEOSS held at the AGU Fall meeting in December 2009 in San Francisco were also invited to submit proposals. The full list of all invited proposals and the status for each invitation are compilled here.

A summary status report was submitted to the STC Co-Chairs on September 7, 2010. The report is available here as pdf.

A two-page summary prepared for the Exhibition at the Ministerial Summit 2010, Beijing, China, is available as pdf. This summary reflects the status in November 2010 and the plans for publication.

The available proposals for Compelling Examples have been reviewed using the review form. The list of submitted proposals is available here, and the list of accepted proposals is provided above.

The web portal for the portfolio of examples has been set up at http://www.geo-tasks.org/geoss_portfolio.

A Portfolio Process Paper has been drafted with support from the EGIDA project and is under review by the ST-09-02 Task team. The draft is available as pdf.

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