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Building a User-Driven GEOSS: Methods to Capture, Analyze, and Prioritize User Needs
Sydney, Australia, April 10, 2011


Workshop Program Overview

During the morning sessions, a review was conducted of the activities of GEO, its committees, the Work Plan Tasks, and the Communities of Practice that relate to linking to users and understanding their needs. In the afternoon sessions, first experts on user linkage provided insight into theoretical and practical approaches to user-driven systems, and the the participants discussed how the on-going activities in GEO could be complemented through additional initiatives.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

0900 - 1040:Session 1: UIC and CoPs (Chair: Michael Nyenhuis)
0900 - 0905:Francesco Pignatelli, Hans-Peter Plag: Welcoming remarks
0910 - 0930:Masami Onoda: Building a user-driven GEOSS: the view from the GEO Secretariat (presentation)
0930 - 0955:Gary Foley: GEO Communities of Practice: a scheme for the dialog between providers or between providers and users? (presentation; for associated documents, see here ...)
0955 - 1020:Lawrence Friedl: US-09-01a: Identifying priorities based on expert surveys and published requirements (presentation)
1020 - 1040:Hans-Peter Plag: Building a user requirement registry for a dialog between users and providers (presentation)
1040 - 1100:Coffee Break
1100 - 1120:Gary Foley: GEO Portal and Clearinghouse: reaching out to users with user-friendly interfaces (presentation)
1120 - 1320:Session 2: Other GEO activities (Chair: Lawrence Friedl)
1120 - 1140:George Percival: Implementing architecture with, and for users (presentation)
1140 - 1200:George Percival: Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) Data Sharing investigations for GEOSS (presentation)
1200 - 1220:Jim Parker, Hans-Peter Plag: SaveEarthGame - A Game Contest to Promote Earth Observations (presentation)
1220 - 1240:Brad Reed: A call for proposals as a link to science users and contributors (presentation)
1240 - 1330:Lunch
1330 - 1350:Stuart Minchin: Gap analysis: analysing the match between GEOSS and user needs (presentation)
1350 - 1500:Session 3: External advice (Chair: Hans-Peter Plag)
1350 - 1420:Mark Rodda: How do Australian agencies reach out to and care for users? (presentation)
1420 - 1440:Francesco Pignatelli: INSPIRE and its users: developing policies consistent with societal needs (presentation)
1440 - 1500:Herbert Haubold, Michael Nyenhuis: GMES users: advices for GEO (presentation)
1500 - 1530:Coffee Break
1530 - 1550:All: Discussion what could GEO learn from social media and market-oriented approaches?
1550 - 1700:Session 4: Looking Forward (Chair: Francesco Pignatelli)
1550 - 1605:Carsten Dettmann and Michael Nyenhuis: Recommendations to GEO and the UIC (presentation)
1605 - 1645:All: Discussion
1645 - 1700:Hans-Peter Plag: Summary and Actions (presentation)