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Building a User-Driven GEOSS: Methods to Capture, Analyze, and Prioritize User Needs
Sydney, Australia, April 10, 2011


Program Committee

Program Committee members are:

  • Hans-Peter Plag, IEEE, University of Nevada, Reno, USA; Task Lead ST-09-02, Co-Chair CZCP, GHCP, STC Member and UIC Member;
  • Carsten Dettmann, Germany; Co-Chair UIC;
  • Lawrence Friedl, NASA, Washington D.C., USA; Task Lead US-09-01a, UIC Member;
  • Michael Nyenhuis, University of Bonn, Germany; UIC Member;
  • Francesco Pignatelli, European Commission; Co-Chair, UIC.

To contact the Program Committee, please send a mail to Hans-Peter Plag.

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