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Building a User-Driven GEOSS: Methods to Capture, Analyze, and Prioritize User Needs
Sydney, Australia, April 10, 2011


Workshop Scope and Objectives

The objective of the workshop was to contribute to a truly user-driven development of GEOSS by discussing the currently applied and other potentially useful approaches to gather user-related needs and information relevant for GEOSS.

Outline: The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) is intended to be user-driven. Therefore, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) through its Committees, Work Plan Tasks, and Communities of Practice (CoPs) has initiated a number of activities directed towards the collection and analysis of user needs and observational requirements. A key goal of these activities is to inform providers and to support a prioritization of Earth observations that have maximum benefits in user communities. The User Interface Committee (UIC) has a leading role in these activities. The workshop reviewed across all GEO components current activities to assess user-needs, discuss additional activities to be implemented, and considered ways to bring the collected information and analysis results to the providers in an effort to ensure that prioritization is in agreement with identified user needs.

Specifically, questions addressed during the workshop included:

  • How can GEO best capture user feedback and engage users?
  • How well can users in the nine SBAs express their needs?
  • Does GEO's approach to user needs and user feedback facilitate a dialog between users and providers?
  • How well are GEO's approaches suited to identify gaps between user needs and available Earth observations?
  • How is GEO prioritizing and to what extent are user needs the basis for prioritization?
  • What can we learn from other organizations to improve the GEO approach to a user-driven system?

The findings of the Workshop will be summarized in an article to be published in one or more suitable scientific journals.


The workshop was open for all interested stakeholders of GEO and GEOSS. In particular, all participants in the ISRSE-34 meeting were encouraged to consider participation in the workshop. Participation of members of the GEO User Interface Committee was appreciated.

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