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GEO Task ID-03: Science and Technology in GEOSS

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User Engagement — Key Activities


Short Description (max 200 chars)Start DateEnd DateStatusRelated Task
Activity 1: Engage the science and technology community in the development of GEOSS Q1 2009On-goingIn Progress 
Activity 1.1: Develop a framework for the transition of relevant research infrastructures to sustained operation. Q1 2009On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 1.2: Encourage the incorporation of new technology in observing systems. Q1 2012On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 1.3: Assess the requirement for continuity and long-term monitoring by Earth observation systems of essential data from GEOSS components. Q1 2012On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 1.4: Support state-of-the-art technology in the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and observation infrastructures. Q1 2012On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 2: Develop incentives for science and technology communities Q1 2009On-goingIn Progress 
Activity 2.1: Devise a GEOSS Data Citation Standard (Roadmap Activity 2a; a GEOSS citation standard). Q1 2009Q4 2012In Progress
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Activity 2.2: Develop a concept for a GEO Label (Roadmap Activity 2b; establishing a “GEO label”) Q1 2009Q4 2012In Progress
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Activity 2.3: Develop a GEOSS Science and Technology Portfolio with compelling examples showing GEOSS at work for S&T (Roadmap Activity 2d; showing GEOSS at work: compelling examples). Q1 2009On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 3: Establish links to major science and technology organizations and research institutions (Road Map Activity 2c "Build awareness of GEO and GEOSS in the different S&T communities, within the scope of GEOSS development"). Q1 2009On-goingIn Progress 
Activity 3.1 Establish an interactive directory of major professional science and technology organizations. Q1 2011Q4 2012In Progress
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Activity 3.2 Inform organizations about GEO and GEOSS. Q1 2012On-goingIn Progress 
Activity 3.3 Establish a dialog and foster cooperation between GEO and major university networks. Q1 2009On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 4: Promote GEOSS in science and technology communities O1 2009On-goingIn Progress 
Activity 4.1: Organize special sessions on GEOSS and side events on GEO at major meetings. Q1 2009On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 4.2: Implement a web-based interactive tool for the planning and documentation of GEO/GEOSS related presentations. Q1 2011On-goingIn Progress
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Activity 4.3: Slide library on how GEOSS works Q1 2009On-goingStalled
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Activity 5: Auxiliary activities. Q1 2012On-goingIn Progress 
Activity 5.4:Support for the GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Network. Q2 2010On-goingIn Progress
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