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GEO Task ID-03: Science and Technology in GEOSS

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Science and Technology — Status of Activities - Activity 4.1


Special Sessions

Dedicated GEO and GEOSS sessions are organized at many meetings with different conveners. At some meetings, the success in terms of participation is limited. At all meetings, it appears that the majority of the audience is in general already familiar with GEO and GEOSS.

Session dedicated to GEO and GEOSS have been organized at many meetings. The following list is not complete. Information on sessions not included below should be sent to info@geo-tasks.org.

A Union Session on GEOSS was organized at the Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting held on December 13-17, 2010 in San Francisco, USA, convened by NASA, University of Nevada, and the GEO Secretariat. The session, “Understanding and Predicting Water and Energy Cycle Changes Using Multisensor Heterogeneous Data for Energy and Water Cycle Research”, featured examples of how GEOSS is contributing to research in hydrology.

Two special session on GEO were organized for the ISPRS Commission VIII Meeting, August 9-13, Kyoto, Japan. Conveners were Hans-Peter Plag and Bingfang Wu. A report was published in the GEO Newsletter, see here ...

A special Sessions dedicated to the role of science and technology in GEO took place at the COSPAR Scientific Assembly in Bremen, Germany, in July 2010 (Main Scientific Organizer: N. Gobron, Deputy Organizer: G. Ollier). A report was provided by Nadine Gobron, see the report.

A session dedicated to the contribution of GEOSS to hydrology was included in the program of the EGU Meeting on May 2-7, 2009 in Vienna, Austria. Conveners are Hans-Peter Plag and Kathleen Fontaine. However, the session did not attract any papers.

At the Aerospace Conference (6-13 March 2010) there was a Section "Global Earth Observation System of Systems, Architecture, Data Management and Applications." Co-Chairs: Kathleen Fontaine, NASA and Mirke Antonini, University of Rome.

A Union Session on GEOSS was convened at the AGU Meeting on December 14-18, 2009 in San Francisco. Co-conveners were Kathleen Fontaine, Hans-Peter Plag, and Nadine Gobron. In total, eighteen abstracts were submitted. See http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm09/. The corresponding sessions were U43B (oral, on Thursday, December 17), and U51B (poster, on Friday, December 18), see http://agu-fm09.abstractcentral.com/planner for details.

The IGOS Achievements Symposium was organized on November 19, 2009, in Washington, D.C., USA, as a part of ST-09-02 with Stuart Marsh, U.K., being the link between ST-09-02 Task Team and the Program Committee.

On the web page of AfricaGIS 2009 (26-30 October 2009, Kampala, Uganda; an ISPRS sponsored conference), there is a hot link to GEOSS Workshop XXX: Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance for the Global Observation System of Systems-GEOSS.

At IGARSS 2009, a number of sessions and presentations focused on GEO/GEOSS issues were included (see the report of IEEE).

Side Events

Side events have been organized at a number of major international science conferences, both in form of co-located workshops and as Townhall meetings. The following list is not complete. Information on GEOSS-related side events not included below should be sent to info@geo-tasks.org.

IEEE organized a workshop held in Seattle on September 19, 2010. Christoph Waldmann provided a brief summary and the full report.

Keynotes Given at Major Meetings

The following keynotes were given at various conferences:

  • Halpern, D. et al., (2008): The Role of Science and Technology in GEOSS. IAC, 1 October 2008. See pdf.
  • Cripe, D., 2010. GEO/GEOSS and GEWEX. Presentation given at the 2nd Pan-GEWEX Science Meeting, 23-27 September 2010, Seattle, USA. See ppt

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