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The fully developed View menu will allow users to review available entries within the various URR relations and the controlled vocabularies, to visualize and explore the interconnectivity of entries, to search the URR, to generate reports with search results, and to export search results to external files for use in other software.

The current version of the View menu is a zero version with limited functionality. It allows to view entries and to visualize relationships between entries in the graphical interface. The entries to be viewed can be discovered by either scrolling down a list of, e.g., applications, or by conducting a search. The search function available in the current version is a simple, string-based search, which also utilizes the keywords defined in the lexicon (see search tutorial for more information).

The fully developed version of this menu is expected to be available later in 2012.

Clicking on the View button in the main menu will bring up the entry page of the View menu. For each sub-menu, the menu items are displayed in the second menu bar (in lighter blue). In all screens of sub-menus, both menu bars are always available.

Note that the functionality of the View menu item is explained in detail for User Types and in a more concise way for all other tables.