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Preferences:   Introduction  


In the Preference menu, URR users are expected to be able to personalize their URR appearance and function to satisfy their interests and needs. Although the number and type of Preference submenus will have to evolve with experience and user feedback, it is expected that they will include issues such as: Forms, Societal Sectors, SBAs, Subfields, Keywords, Portfolio and Lists.

Preference forms might allow users to select a subset of forms to be considered, for example, during an analysis or in a search. The submenu issues Societal Sectors, SBAs, Subfields, and Keywords would allow users to select the subset in each list that will be active during their URR visit. To narrow relevant activities, only entries for users that fall into those subsets will be considered. For example, if a user selected the Water and Disasters SBAs, then only those entities that have Water or Disasters data as a relevant SBA will be considered in any function of the main menu items. The 'Portfolio' submenu would allow a user to narrow the set of entities to be considered in certain menu functions (e.g., in Analyze or View) to specifically selected entries. Once a user has initialized a portfolio, there are expected to be several options to add entries to the portfolio.

For a users not logged in under a personal account (i.e., internally handled as an anonymous user), the availability of any selected preference would be limited to the current session.