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Introduction to the login function of the URR

In the Login function, when registering for a new account, a user is expected to be able to select between the levels of 'reader' and 'publisher,' with publisher including the reader level. At a later stage, it may be desirable to review requests for publisher level and not assign it to everybody on request. The editor level could be made available on request when registering or at a later stage, or it could be assigned only after requests to the relevant GEO body. The administrator level will be restricted to those responsible for the operation of the URR, and they will probably have a few administrative functions not available at any other level.

In the Login function, users logged in as publishers are expected to be able to modify all entries that have status up to the 'Final draft'. In turn, 'Editors' would be able to assign a specific status to an entry such as 'In Review' or 'Accepted'; thus, locking these entries against further changes. Among the Editors' functions would be the ability to reduce the status of an entry from 'In Review' or 'Accepted' to 'Final Draft'; thus, opening such entries to further edits by publishers.

For all users logged in at a level higher than 'anonymous,' selected preferences would be recorded and applied to future sessions.

If a GEOSS-wide user registration is implemented in 2012, then the URR Login user registration is expected to be compatible with the GEOSS-wide registration. Nonetheless, to make URR publishing and reading options compatible, the user levels outlined above need to be available for the URR.