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Getting Started

The diagram on the left shows the home page of the URR. In the page header, all URR pages include three links:

  • Feedback: opens up a questionnaire. We would appreciate your completing this questionnaire and providing your assessment of the URR. The URR is still under development, and your comments will be valuable input for this work.
  • Tutorials: brings you to the home page of the tutorials.
  • GEOSS Portal: is an external link, that opens up the GEOPortal.

The GEO logo above these links is clickable and points to the GEO home page.

The upper menu bar (dark blue) below the header is identical for all URR pages. The contents of the lower menu bar (lighter blue) depends on the main menu item selected.

The main menu of the URR includes the following submenus and functions listed in the upper menu bar:

  • Home: brings you back to the home page of the URR.
  • View: opens the submenu for viewing and exporting entries in the URR. This submenu also includes a search function. A graphical interface allows to explore graphically interdependencies between entries.
  • Publish: enters the submenu for publishing new or editing existing entries in the releations of the URR. This menu also provides functions to comment on existing entries.
  • Analyze: provides functions to analyze the contents of the URR in terms of networks of entries and to carry out a gap analysis with respect to available products.
  • Preferences: is the submenu for customizing the URR, including the specification of a sub-domain of the URR as the work basis.
  • Login: provides the functions to register as a URR user and to log in. Logging in is associated with a number of functions that are not available to anonymous users.