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GEO Task ST-09-01

Activities (operations or work processes through which resources are mobilized to produce specific outputs; outlined in the form of milestones including timelines)


  1. Bring together a group of experts knowledgeable about key relevant programs and funding and other resource mechanisms to identify those programs and mechanisms and existing forums/networks of resource and other funding agencies supporting key S&T programmes (e.g. IGFA-International Group of Funding Agencies for Global Change Research, ERA-Nets) and build on these existing initiatives; this should include input from relevant activities within the CBC, ADC, UIC

    Activity 2f: Identify key industry partners. Many commercial companies are using capabilities, knowledge and observational means provided by the S&T communities. These could also benefit from improved observational means, products and services and might therefore be interested in funding certain S&T development in this context. Moreover, many relevant datasets are produced by such companies, and are of interest for GEOSS users. Therefore, an attempt should be made to have these data sets registered when they become publicly available.
  2. Compile database of key commercial/industry companies with substantial science and technology interests in GEOSS or datasets of broad scientific value

  3. 3a. Collect from the Task leads the answers to the following questions from the task sheets: In relation to the S&T component(s) of this Task, please describe gaps, priorities, continuity needs, barriers, scientific expertise, and additional resource needs (this information will be used for developing a gaps and needs assessment in Task ST-09-01)

    Activity 1a: Work Plan Review. One objective of the STC is to ensure that the evolving GEO Work Plan is and remains scientifically and technologically sound and contributes to answering relevant questions in the SBAs. This will be achieved through a revolving scientific review of each Work Plan, starting with the current work plan for 2009-2011. The outcome of this review will be an assessment report of the Work Plan against the outstanding questions and challenges in each of the SBAs. This assessment may recommend changes to objectives and scope of existing Tasks or propose new Tasks to respond to any identified deficits or overlaps. The recommendations may also identify opportunities for cooperation between Tasks, suggest inclusion of specific activities from outside GEOSS, or motivate the definition of new ones. The scope of the Work Plan Review also includes reviewing the completeness of the nine Societal Benefit Areas.

    3b. Invite science groups (such as former IGOS-P theme leads and ICSU) and application groups to contribute to analysis of the feedback from task leads.

    Activity 1e: Responding to S&T needs. Identify concrete deficits and gaps that hinder the full implementation of GEOSS or its effectiveness. In order to address these deficits and gaps efficiently, an attractive platform must be established for broadly agreeing on priorities. GEO should set up a process for coordinating scientific priorities in Earth observation and report them in a way that stimulates appropriate responses from GEO Members and Participating Organizations. This analysis may uncover gaps in component continuity, research, technologies, or other areas.

    3c. Analyze all feedback gathered from the task leads and from the science and application group feedback.

  4. Bring together an effective forum/network that can discuss regularly GEO S&T issues and programming and publish forum notes that document the outcome of the forum.

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