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You may now stroll through the GEOSS building. But while you do so, you will encounter a number of possibility to provide information, not just retrieve it. Please, keep in mind that what you can get out of your visit here depends on what others provide and make available in the various rooms and registries. You can help to increase the value for other by contributing, and this may even help you during latter visits. In particular, we urge you to visit the GEOSS registries, for example, the User Needs Registry (beam me up), and to consider registering relevant resources there.

The billboard on the right provides easy access to information about hot news topics as they relate to Earth observations, and those themes and issues that have received a lot of interest from visitors of our building. If you know where you would like to go, you may use the elevator on the left to get to the right floor.

If you don't know the right floor, please, tell us what you are looking for? You can enter a keyword or a phrase and we will try to find the right floor or room for you.

The Interactive GEOSS Billboard
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In case of problems, mail to Web Administrator.